welding laser2Weld Thin or Thick with the Same Machine

One of the most challenging welding scenarios, for any welding method, is the joining of dissimilar parts --- whether welding parts of dissimilar materials or welding parts of dramatically different thicknesses. Our systems are engineered to provide exceptionally small spot size --- as small as 0.001 to 0.002 inch --- coupled with extremely fast weld speeds to deliver unsurpassed power densities at the weld while minimizing the Heat Affected Zone, making them the perfect solution for welding dissimilar materials, for welding very thin materials, and for joining thin and thick parts. The systems are ideal for rapid prototyping from micro-welding to high-strength welds --- often stronger and more effective than EB welding as demonstrated in cross-section analysis. Our beam profiling feature enables you to weld thin or thick materials with the same laser.

Our System Features Include:

  • Power levels ranging from 150W to 5kW
  • Configurable to work with a wide range of materials
  • Ability to weld similar and dissimilar metals
  • Easily weld combinations of thick and thin materials
  • Weld thin materials down to 0.001in --- all but eliminating the need for soldering
  • Ability to produce different weld finishes, patterns and penetration
  • 1x1‘, 2x2’, 4x4’ and 4x8’ 5’x 10“ working areas with larger custom sizes available
  • Feather-touch automatic pull-out table to facilitate loading and unloading of the machine
  • Optional single and multiple rotary axes and spindles for multiple parts as well as specialty fixtures and custom automation
  • Vision System configured for welding to enable unparalleled precision
  • Superior energy efficiency and low power consumption with laser life well upwards of 100,000 hours.
  • Heavy-duty welded steel construction for durability, stability and precision
  • Powerful, easy-to-use Windows software
  • Remote diagnostics and support
    • Direct importing of standard CAD and graphics files
    • User updatable materials library for quick job setup

All of our systems are backed by our highly-responsive service, support and training teams.