Until owning your own laser makes financial sense for your company, let ILS provide you with the most cost-effective marking and cutting services and just-in-time delivery. Products such as nameplates, tags, photo-engraved marble and granite gifts (B & W and colorized), surgical instruments, medical devices, automotive parts, gears, saw blades, brackets, promotional products, tools, acrylic awards are just some typical applications we offer.

Our software enables us to engrave logos, bitmaps, vector artwork, alphanumeric text and graphics, date and lot codes, serialized numbers, data matrix, QR, and barcodes and much more.

ILS can also help you with unique customized gifts. We can personalize items for your customers, employees, and special people or help commemorate a special event, wedding, etc. Some of the gifts we can personalize include: Laser photo-engraved marble and granite, wine glasses and glassware, Yeti mugs, leather goods, pens, promotional products, cell phones, computers, garden stones, cardstock, engraved wood boxes, tools, faceplates, machined parts

Laser marking is generally some form of non-contact labeling on a workpiece or material with a laser beam. Marking is both precise and repeatable thereby yielding consistent results. There are multiple processes that can be classified as laser marking such as engraving, surface annealing, ablation or removing material, frosting (for bar codes), foaming, and staining.

Data Matrix
Permanent marking and engraving is frequently used for traceability, branding, product identification, MIL-STD-130, NFA , UDI compliance, bar codes, serialization, data matrix, QR codes, and graphics such as logos.

Engraving is a special type of marking that involves removing material to produce a "de-bossed" mark. The process can produce an engraved mark or, where needed, a deep-engraved mark for extra durability. Since engraved markings are cut into the material they stand up to wear very well.

cutting & drilling
Cutting & Drilling
Lasers can be used to precisely cut and/or drill a variety of substrates including acrylic, metals, veneers, etc. The process offers precision and speed that is difficult to match using more traditional manufacturing processes. The CAD-driven process enables easy and rapid design changes.

marking & cutting
Marking & Cutting
ILS offers precision laser cutting services with an emphasis on excellent edge quality and tight tolerances. This particular application combines cutting and marking and is often used in the manufacture of control panels and annunciators.

Photo-engraving allows us to render a photo onto a particular substrate by engraving it into the surface. This process works particularly well on marble, granite, stone, glass, wood, leather, anodized metals, and even some textiles.