Industrial Laser Services has been continuously involved in the laser industry for over 30yrs. We didn’t start out in a related industry and end up in the laser business through acquisition or evolution ‒ we were born and raised in the lasers. 

We started out providing laser configuration and integration solutions for an impressive list of industrial clients. We developed the custom applications that these companies required to reach their specific production needs. With each new customer came a new challenge, a different material, a unique requirement. We made our bones solving these challenges and building an impressive knowledge base as laser technology evolved.

It wasn’t long before customers started turning to us for support and service. Some found themselves with temporary production logjams or needed help completing a project that was just beyond the capabilities of their in-house laser systems or technicians. We were happy to help then, and continue to do so today. In many cases, we’ve done development work to help create a final product that presented difficult technical challenges. We strive to make working with Industrial Laser Services a positive and collaborative experience. We know what it’s like being under-the-gun and will work non-stop to meet your deadlines and design criteria.

Why not give us a call and talk to us about your laser production needs? We’re quite sure you’ll be glad you did.

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